"Teach a Child to Fish Day"

Diamond City, Arkansas

September 29th 2018

Special Activities

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  • Lady Bass Angler Raffle - There will be raffles for autographed event t-shirts and L.B.A.A. annual raffle items (40 plus items on our list)
  •  Angler Autograph posters will be available so folks can get autographs of all the Classic anglers.  

Pond Hopper Nation will be hosting it's "Teach a Child to Fish Day" in Diamond City, Arkansas September 29th 2018. This is a free event for any children within Diamond City and the surrounding area.  The first 100 Children who register will receive a free fishing rod. Pond Hopper Nation has also partnered with the Lady Bass Anglers Association and "The Call" who will be hosting fishing tournaments on this day. The children will have the opportunity to participate during their weigh in to meet professional anglers and take pictures.

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If you take any pictures during the event Pond Hopper Nation would love to see them! Here is a link to our Facebook Group!

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If you would like to volunteer, sponsor a child with a donation, please contact Albert Talafuse at

214-930-7515 or pondhoppernation@gmail.com


Register Here

If you have more than one child please enter them in just one registration form.

Event Details

Overview of the "Teach a Child to Fish Day" activities.

  • The children's fishing event will be from 10 am - 2 pm.
  • If you have registered your child/children please show up between 10am -12pm to 1502 Shore Line Dr. Lead Hill, Arkansas 72644. Pond Hopper Nation will have a sign in table.(Look for red, white, and blue flags.)
  • Children who sign in will receive a free fishing rod and ticket for a casting game.
  • After your child receives their fishing rod they will be directed to a casting game where the child will get three casts at a target, and if landed in target will receive a prize. All children will receive a consolation prize if they do not cast onto target.
  •  From there your child will go to one of our designated fishing areas where there will be volunteer helpers to help with any fishing needs. There is no competition, or derby. Our goal is to help teach the next generation of anglers how to fish and bring families closer together.
  • At 2:30 pm any children who would like to participate in the Lady Bass Anglers Weigh in will have the opportunity to see their fish they caught for the day, meet some of the Pro Anglers, and get to take pictures. 
  • The Lady Bass Anglers will have a Lure toss of free goodies following the completion of their weigh in. Children who want to participate are more than welcome!
  • I would like to recommend that anyone 16 years of age and older. If you plan on fishing. Please buy your own Arkansas fishing license.

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Special Guests

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Family, Friends, and the Love & Passion of Fishing.