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Albert Talafuse,



Founding Pond Hopper Nation was supposed to be a short-term commitment, but it became a life-long journey. I'm so fortunate to be able to impact the lives of others, all while partnering with some of the most passionate and driven fishing organizations, and businesses on the globe.

Sevin Golden, 

Director of Operations-Tackle Division

Growing up in Temple, Texas living right down the street from a lake, I have enjoyed fishing ever since I was in elementary school. As an adult, being a God fearing man, a loving husband, and father of three wonderful boys, joining Pond Hopper Nation will allow me to share my passion for fishing with the next generation of anglers!

Alessandra Wezeman,

Chief Marketing Officer

I graduated from Texas State University with a degree in public relations. I have a passion for branding and cultivating relationships, and thrive in creative environments. There is nothing I enjoy more than working with people in order to uncover new perspectives, form new ideas, and create something truly magnificent. I fell in love with Pond Hopper Nation's mission and knew that I had to be apart of this growing brand.

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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to educate the next generation of anglers on fishing, boating, and conservation in hopes that it will make a positive impact in their life.

Recent Programs

Our "Teach a Child to Fish Day" has already made an impact on thousands of families' lives by using the tool of fishing to bring communities and families closer.


More than 500 people volunteer for us each year and help make the difference in the lives of thousands. Find out how to become our partner. 

Our History 


In June Pond Hopper Nation went from an idea to being developed over the next six months! 




January 4th- Pond Hopper Nation Launched with 35 State representatives and 5 national organizations in support.

April 22nd- Pond Hopper Nation hosted it's first "Teach a Child to Fish Day" in Lake Havasu City, Arizona with Pro Angler Roy Hawk. Having 156 children attend!

​June 1st- Pond Hopper Nation signs with KastKing as their Official Rod, Reel, and Fishing Line Sponsor.

September 14th- Pond Hopper Nation visits Arkansas Children's Hospital to share the love of fishing with some of the sick children.

​September 16th- Pond Hopper Nation partners with Lady Bass Angler Association to host "Teach a Child to Fish Day" at their Pro Events.


Pond Hopper Nation sponsors over 300 children with fishing rod & reels at their "Teach a Child to Fish Day" events in 2017.




February 1st- CEO and Founder, Albert Talafuse, announces that the main mission of Pond Hopper Nation will be to make the "Teach a Child to Fish Day" its primary focus with emphasis on teaching the next generations of anglers how to fish.

April- Pond Hopper Nation partners with SeaArk Boats to host a "Teach a Child o Fish Day" at the SeaArk Boats Owners Invitational Tournament.  

June 2nd- Pond Hopper Nation breaks record at 2nd Annual "Teach a Child to Fish Day" with Roy Hawk in Lake Havasu City, Arizona with 285 children attending. Pond Hopper Nation claims the Lake Havasu City, Arizona event to be the Superbowl of the "Teach a Child to Fish Day".

Pond Hopper Nation sponsors over 1,000 children with fishing rod & reels for the year at their "Teach a Child to Fish Days".



January- Pond Hopper Nation announces SeaArk Boats as Title Sponsor for the 2019 year.

February- Pond Hopper Nation makes partnership with Major League Fishing to host the "Teach a Child to Fish Day" at their events in 2019. Pond Hopper Nation hosted the "Teach a Child to Fish Day" at three of M.L.F. tour events, and their RedCrest Championship.

February- September - Pond Hopper Nation visited over 20 states in 2019 spreading the love of fishing and sponsoring more than 1500 children with fishing rod & reels at their "Teach a Child to Fish Day" events.

September 24th- Pond Hopper Nation makes partnership with Sevin Golden and announces him as Operations Director - Fishing Tackle Division.

November 1st- Pond Hopper Nation has Grand Opening of it's online store.​​


In 2020 Pond Hopper Nation was on track to have it's pinnacle year with events scheduled throughout the United States and thousands of children excited to go fishing.


Covid-19 made its impact on Pond Hopper Nation, forcing us to postpone all events except for one in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.


Like many other companies, Pond Hopper Nation struggled, but we never gave up. CEO/Founder Albert Talafuse found a way to push through and keep Pond Hopper Nation afloat during the horrible pandemic of 2020.

We look forward to making 2021 the best year yet!