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Pond Hopper Nation gets a new website and a new Chief Marketing Officer

Pond Hopper Nation ended the unprecedented 2020 year with a bang, hiring Alessandra Wezeman as Chief Marketing Officer of the company and giving their website a makeover.

Wezeman is a graduate from Texas State with a major in public relations. She specializes in branding, website assistance, public communication, and social media. Instantly falling for the brand, Wezeman saw potential to take Pond Hopper Nation to the next level. Her first job as CMO: modernize Pond Hopper Nation’s existing website.

“I really fell in love with Pond Hopper Nation’s mission. It’s clear that Teach A Child To Fish Day really has an impact on communities across the nation,” Wezeman explained. “While Pond Hopper Nation’s website had been established for a few years, I really wanted to optimize user- friendliness and showcase Pond Hopper Nation’s overall brand. I really feel like the new website highlights both the Teach A Child To Fish Day mission and the quality products we offer.”

While Pond Hopper Nation’s main focus is inspiring the next generation of anglers (as their logo states) through Teach A Child To Fish Day, the brand also carries a wide range of soft plastic baits. From creature bait and worms, to swim minnows, jerk baits and more.

“We thought that the end of the year would be a great time to make the new site live,” Wezeman explained. “We took advantage of the holiday season by implementing some really great sales across all of our soft plastic products. The “25 Days Until Christmas Sale” was our first promotion since making the new sight live, and we were happy to see how excited people were to get some great deals.”

CEO Albert Talafuse is an avid fisherman turned businessman, founding Pond Hopper Nation in 2016. Talafuse’s passion for the sport inspired him to spread the love of fishing to the younger generation, while his experience enabled him to curate a great line of soft plastics. Talafuse is confident that Wezeman’s expertise and the brand’s updated look will optimize the company’s goals for the new year.

“Pond Hopper Nation is so happy to have Alessandra Wezeman join the Pond Hopper Nation family as our Chief Marketing Officer,” said Talafuse. “Pond Hopper Nation has steadily grown year after year, and we believe that with Miss Wezeman's talent she has the potential to take Pond Hopper Nation to the next level. We are looking very forward to 2021!”

Visit the new and improved to learn more about their TeachA Child to Fish Day mission, upcoming events, and their wide variety of soft plastics.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Teach A Child To Fish Day event, visit for more information, or contact Pond Hopper Nation directly by phone (214)-930-7515 or by email at

Pond Hopper Nation ### Pond Hopper Nation’s mission is to educate the next generation of anglers on fishing, boating, and conservation in hopes that it will make a positive impact in their life. Their "Teach a Child to Fish Day" has already made an impact in thousands of families lives by using the tool of fishing to bring communities and families closer. Pond Hopper Nation is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of fishermen and women while also providing people with quality fishing gear they can trust.

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