Pond Hopper Nation & Mccoy Fishing Line renew partnership for 5th year in a row

Updated: May 21

FLATONIA, Texas— Pond Hopper Nation’s Teach A Child To Fish Day has attracted a variety of companies excited to support the mission that teaches children the basics about fishing, boating and conservation. One of those companies is McCoy Fishing Line, who is excited to renew their partnership with Pond Hopper Nation for the fifth year in a row.

McCoy Fishing Line has been producing premium fishing line and tackle since 1935. They’re premium gear has played a major role in the success of many Teach A Child Days by providing the young attendees of the event with the proper equipment they need to cast some lines!

Albert Talafuse, CEO of Pond Hopper Nation, is grateful for the support McCoy Fishing Line has given Teach A Child To Fish Day.

“Partnerships like these are always extremely appreciated,” Albert explained. “McCoy Fishing Line has done so much for Teach A Child to Fish Day over the past four years, and we couldn't be more excited to continue this partnership for another year in a row.”

Mike Masterpole, owner of McCoy Fishing Line, has seen first hand the impact of Pond Hopper Nation’s mission.

“We are proud to be associated with Pond Hopper Nation and the group of people Albert has organized to assist in his vision,” Masterpole said. “2021 marks McCoy Fishing's fifth year as a sponsor, and we're excited to see what this year brings.”

Visit for more information on the variety of premium products they offer!

If you are interested in sponsoring a Teach A Child To Fish Day event, visit for more information, or contact Pond Hopper Nation directly by phone (214)-930-7515 or by email at

Pond Hopper Nation

Pond Hopper Nation’s mission is to educate the next generation of anglers on fishing, boating, and conservation in hopes that it will make a positive impact in their life. Their "Teach a Child to Fish Day" has already made an impact in thousands of families’ lives by using the tool of fishing to bring communities and families closer. Pond Hopper Nation is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of fishermen and women while also providing people with quality fishing gear they can trust.


Alessandra Wezeman, Chief Marketing Officer