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Pond Hopper Nation Partners with Adventure Designs LLC in 2023

Pond Hopper Nation has made a partnership with Adventure Designs LLC out of Muscatine, Iowa to showcase their number one product The Trident Explorer Watercraft in 2023. Pond Hopper Nation CEO Albert Talafuse thought it would be a great fit for all Pond Hoppers, since it's unique design and it's impeccable stability makes it a great watercraft for any age. It even opens up the door for the disabled population having a product they can enjoy and feel comfortable on the water by themselves as well.

Adventure Designs LLC is very excited to partner with Pond Hopper Nation as we both seek to serve and grow the fishing community. We are committed to a better fishing experience with the Trident Explorer which is built in the USA and can be tailored to precisely meet your needs! - Owner/Engineer of Adventure Designs LLC., Greg Ferris

Pond Hopper Nation will announce it's Trident Explorer Watercraft Tour Schedule and Demo Days in Feb 2023! We would love to have you come out to one of these events and test the Trident Explorer Watercraft out!

For more information on the Trident Explorer Watercraft

We would love to hear from you with any questions!

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