Confirmed: PHN is hosting a three-day-long Teach A Child To Fish Day event in Flatonia, Texas

FLATONIA, Texas— Pond Hopper Nation is staying local and hosting their Teach A Child To Fish Day event in the small town of Flatonia, Texas.

Teach A Child To Fish Day is a community-wide event aimed at teaching children the basics on fishing, boating and conservation. Their motto is “From 4 to 4ever” in hopes that the experience fuels a lifelong passion. Teach A Child To Fish Day, founded in 2016, has already impacted thousands of children from across the country.

Pond Hopper Nation is no stranger to small town Flatonia, Texas since Flatonia is where CEO of Pond Hopper Nation, Albert Talafuse, and his family currently reside. While the Pond Hopper Nation team doesn’t have to travel far for this event, staying local carries just as much (or more) importance to the Pond Hopper Nation team.

On top of being local, the event is also three days long! Talk about go big or go home.

Nobody understands the importance of this event better than CEO Albert Talafuse, who is looking forward to giving back to the community he calls home.

“We were really excited to finally put together an event here in Flatonia,” said Talafuse. “I’ve seen first hand the awesome impact that Teach A Child To Fish Day has on families and communities throughout the five years I’ve done this, so the opportunity to bring that to our hometown is really fantastic.”

People familiar with the Flatonia area might be wondering where the heck you can fish. If you’re one of those people, wonder no more - The children participating in the event will get the opportunity to fish at the picturesque Jordan Ranch Retreat Center. Located in neighboring town Schulenburg, Texas, Jordan Ranch is the premier spot for events and retreats and is also the location of the fishing portion for all three days of the event.

“We are really fortunate to have the beautiful Jordan Ranch agree to be the location for this Teach A Child To Fish Day,” Talafuse said. “Jordan Ranch and the city of Flatonia’s support along with the sponsorship of McCoy Fishing Line and SWAT (Specialty Welding and Turnarounds) is a real blessing.”

Another local playing a big role in the coordination of the event is Beverly Ponder, Executive Director of the Flatonia Chamber of Commerce, and she is more than excited to help Pond Hopper Nation host a Teach A Child To Fish Day in her neck of the woods.

“If all children had the opportunity to fish, they would just love it. What is not to like about it? My husband is a fisherman and he taught me and my four children to fish, and is now teaching his grandchildren,” explained Ponder. “It is a lifelong activity that can be enjoyed young and old. Everyone just needs the opportunity, a fishing rod and a pond. Pond hopper Nation is just that opportunity that we need here and everywhere. Thank you to Albert Talafuse for giving children an opportunity of a lifetime!”

It’s safe to say that the small town of Flatonia, Texas and surrounding area have a lot of fun and fishing to look forward to!

The much anticipated event will take place on June 21 through June 23 from 10 am to 7 pm beginning at the Flatonia Civic Center and ending at the Jordan Ranch Retreat Center. For more information or if you would like your child to attend the Teach A Child To Fish Day event visit and register today!

If you are interested in sponsoring this Teach A Child To Fish Day event or any event in the future, visit for more information, or contact Pond Hopper Nation directly by phone (214)-930-7515 or by email at

Founded in 2016, Pond Hopper Nation’s mission is to educate the next generation of anglers by educating children on fishing, boating, and conservation in hopes that it will make a positive impact in their life. "Teach a Child to Fish Day" has already made an impact in thousands of families’ lives by using the tool of fishing to bring communities and families closer. Pond Hopper Nation is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of fishermen and women while also providing people with quality fishing gear they can trust.


Alessandra Wezeman, Chief Marketing Officer